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    Natasha CherHello and welcome to Inspired Cards. My name is Natasha Cher. I have lived in United States since 2004. It’s a beautiful country full of wonders and a land of amazing people.

    For a while I was trying to figure out how I could systematize all my passions and deliver them to the world. I draw, I design things, I love photography, and I am constantly working on my self-awareness… I was thinking: What could I do to combine all of those passions and express myself? The online store with the pieces I designed and a blog on self-awareness was the answer.

    The story of the Inspired Cards is, pretty much, a story of my desire to impact this world. I am an artist and designer, back in my own country, Russia, I used to be a journalist and a writer. Since my childhood I felt an incredibly strong urge to influence other people’s lives, inspire them, do something that would help people around me to do something with their lives, to move, to explore, not to limit themselves by what they think is stopping them.

    I strongly believe that anyone can achieve anything. Of course everyone is different – one needs a lot of support and time to work on inner strength, and another just needs a slight nudge. The Inspired Cards project was created to spread the inspiration. You can have a card you feel related to with you, or you can send the gift of inspiration.

    I also made it available for you to browse among the jewelry and gifts pieces that I created. I really love creating beach and ocean inspired pieces, and I am happy to present to you some of those I made. There are also some items that I have not made, but which I really love. It’s easy to find my handmade items, just use a tag handmade.

    I really hope that you find your inspiration here. Or at least enjoy to visit.

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