Paperless Invites

In these days of online living, digital electronic messaging is here to stay. They are a necessary must for every event and wedding, so couples need to tap in on the electronic benefits. It is economically friendly, you get to save money on printing paper invites, the time spent addressing these invites and saves trips to family and friends to share them out. You definitely don’t have to print as many as you would have before and it can reach all your guests with just a click. For relatives and friends staying out of state digital invitations are your answer!

Sending elegant online wedding invitations directly to all of your friends and family is a good way to remind them to save the date for your special day and afterwards a Thank You message to all who shared and gave their support in your celebration of love. Preferably, send out your invites 2-3 months before the event or wedding date and back it up with a save the date reminder a few weeks to the date.

My design for a digital invitation suite for weddings covers:-

  • E-invites
  • Save the dates
  • Thank you messages
  • Video Invitations

They can be customized in whichever way you want with designs ranging from modern and contemporary to afro traditional. Inspired Xpressionz will customize a design perfectly suited to your personal style. If you got a wedding to plan this year or in the near future.
Check out my design below!

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Nature’s Palettes

The month of April ushers in the rains where we see dry leaves freshen up and flowers begin to slowly spring forth their petals and butterflies dancing for nectar. Planning your wedding has its challenges when it comes to finding the right theme colour for your wedding. Taking colour theme from nature is a great way to get colour ideas . Flowers and butterflies gives and endless inspiration of colour ideas that one can choose a theme colour for an event.

Seasons have different vibes and associated colours that influences what colours your wedding invite will look like or how you decorate for your big day.  The third and fourth Months of the year is the beginning of the rainy season in our region and it’s a wonderful time to celebrate the earliest bursts of colours from flowers and delicate life forms like dry leaves coming back to life from the dry season with their earthy brownish, orangy yellowish coloured leaves giving a beautiful organic hue for an event colour theme.

Vibrant earthy colours of dry leaves

One of the first steps to planning your wedding is finding the right colour theme and style that reflects the couple’s personality. You can tap these colour combination ideas from flowers of the season. They give great colour inspiration for an event to mention some flowers around are Ixora, which exist in various colours of pink, yellow, red and white can be a great colour idea for an event.

Other colourful flowers found in our environment are Calla Lilies, Hisbiscus, Orchids, Purple hearts, Red Acalypha and sunflower to mention a few, blooming in their radiant colours.

Brides are instinctively searching for colours that are unique, drawn to pastels like lavender and deep shade of purple, whimsical and romantic pairings like pink velvety yellow or combinations with shades of pink and lime green.

Pastel Lavender

There is just no way I can talk about flowers without butterflies. They are another rich resource of nature’s colour pallets. You will discover a unique blend of analogous colour schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Butterflies like the Monarch and the queen butterfly both live in temperate regions.

The Monarch Butterfly

Butterflies are a richer source of hues ranging from light, middle and dark tones of various colours. Butterflies like the orangy swordtail, the yellowish Catopsilia Florella, the brownish ringlet butterfly or the orange and blue Myrina Silenus to mention a few.

Myrina silenus butterfly

Take a walk into the surroundings around you and let nature decide that outstanding unique colour combination you have been searching for, it’s right there where you are from natures palettes.

Catopsilia Florella butterfly
Catopsilia Florella butterfly


An avid graphic designer with a flair for paper craft. My interest for paper started when I was a little girl in nursery school, paper craft or any craft classes at all was a welcome delight.

That piece of knowledge stuck with me although my growing years till I taught the same paper skills to my kids. Seeing a hand crafted greeting card was an exciting challenge that spiked up an adrenal to create, it got me running to the art store with every kobo I could save . I made my first hand crafted greeting card when i was a teenager and it was for my own birthday card. Coloured Paper was not just a writing material for me but the source of an indwelling inspiration that brought out the artist in me and lead me down the path into art school .

After graduation my crafty self dwindled to the background to face the world of the “gainfully employed” but i still made greeting cards for my friends a store bought card was a taboo for me. Designing wedding cards began when I supported a friend planning her wedding on a budget and thats when the light bulb appeared on my head.

Going freelance gave me the liberty to turn my paper craft skills to an additional business. I have gathered a collection of invites that has not only dared my creativity but also polished my craftsmanship. Every couple is unique as every leaf that grows on a tree so should your invites be unique as well . A custom made invite whether its for a traditional marriage or wedding announces your special day in style. So let me have the opportunity to take your events theme and colour to create designs that puts your event in a class of its own.

Are you a getting married Soon? Have you gotten an invite yet? or do you need programs, Menu cards, table number & table names for your event ? Check out my wedding invite collection and tell me what you think.

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